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General Questions

Q: Where are you located?

Super Safe Hire has locations in Bayswater, Geelong, Craigieburn and Traralgon.

Q: What are the hours of business?
Super Safe Hire is open from 7.30am till 5.00pm weekdays. We do offer a weekend delivery and pick up service that must be requested. Additional cost may be incurred.
Q: What are the terms and conditions of hire?

Please click here for details.

Q: Where do I download a credit application?
Q: My toilet smells and it has just been pumped?
We recommend tipping 2 buckets of water into the tank through the top of the bowl. The smell comes from the tank being aerated after servicing. It will pass quickly if you place some water in the tank.

Scaffold Hire Questions

Q. How do I get a quote?

Simply forward your plans to with your requirements and contact details for a hassle free quote. We will do our best to get it back to you within 1-2 working days.

Q. What is minimum hire?
Quotations are based on a minimum charge which include a certain hire period. If the scaffold is only required for part of this time, then the price remains the same.
Q. Can I get someone to come to site?
We have experienced staff who are happy to come out to site where scaffolding requirements cannot be determined from plans
Q. Do you provide permits?
All permits are the responsibility of the hirer
Q. Can I install it myself?
A basic scaffold ticket is required to erect any modular system where a person or object could fall more than 4.0 metres. Regulations may vary from state to state.
Q. Do you have standard rates?
In order to provide accurate pricing we do not have fixed rates as all jobs vary in their requirements
Q. What is over hire?
Every quote issued includes a hire period. If the scaffold is required after the initial hire period then an additional daily rate will apply and this rate is shown on your quote.
Q. What areas do you cover?
We currently have branches in Traralgon, Bayswater, Craigieburn and Geelong
Q. How do I proceed with a quote and make a booking for installation?
Once the quote acceptance has been completed in full and returned to our office, please contact one of our staff members who will happily make a booking for you. Please note that we can be booked out 2-7 workings days in advance, so we recommend getting in early.
Q. How do I pay for my scaffolding?
Unless you have an approved account, payment is required before installation
Q. When will you collect the scaffolding?
The scaffold will remain on hire until the hirer off hires the scaffolding, at this point it will be scheduled for collection. Please allow at least 3 days’ notice
Q. Can I alter the scaffolding on my job?
No as any alterations to our scaffold system will void any certification and liability provided by our licensed installers and Super Safe Scaffold.

Toilet Hire Questions

Q: How big is a toilet?
Toilets vary in size depending on the model of unit. The standard unit size is 1050mm square by 2150mm high. Please click here to view a full range of toilets.
Q: How long does a toilet last until it is full?

Building site toilets

  • 1 to 6 people – monthly
  • 7 to 12 people – fortnightly
  • 13 to 18 people – weekly

Function toilets

  • Depends on the number of people at the event and the length of time the event runs.

Super Safe Hire also provides a full pumping and cleaning service upon request.

Q: How many toilets do I need?
Standard domestic house site requires one unit per 12 people working on the site at any one time.

Function toilets should be supplied at a ratio of 1 cubical per 50 females and 1 cubical per 75 males

Q: How long is a hire?
Super Safe Hire provides hire from 1 day, weekend, long and short term. We also have a variety of standard hire periods available.
Q: Do I need power and water?
  • Standard chemical toilets are self contained and don’t require any power and water.
  • Function toilets can be provided with lights, you will need to have a 10amp power point on location for this light.
  • Sewer connect toilets do require water on site to flush the cistern
  • All units are supplied with toilet paper
Q: What type of access do we need?
  • Toilet is placed in position by a crane truck.
  • Toilets can be trolleyed into position with prior arrangement. Sites must be flat and have access.
  • Clear access to toilets must be made available when pumping and picking up of units.
Q: My toilet is not flushing, what can we do?
Have you checked if there is water in the flush tank? The water tank fill point is located in different locations depending on the brand and model of unit. All water fill points are located inside the unit under either a white or black screw cap with the wording “Fresh water fill here” sticker. DO NOT over fill the water tank. Leave water 50mm down from top of tank.
Q: My toilet smells
When was the toilet last serviced? If longer than 4 to 6 weeks, we would recommend having the unit pumped and cleaned.
Q: I would like to place the toilet at the rear of our property, is this possible?
Only if it is accessible by truck or if you have a gate wider than 1200mm. We can trolley the unit in but there CANNOT be any steps. Unit CANNOT be placed any more than 30L/M away from point of drop off as we will need to pump it out to remove it off site.
Q: How many times can I use a toilet?
Depending on the unit size, it could average 250 to 350 uses before a service would be required. Keep in mind that there would be a requirement to fill the fresh water tank between services.
Q: I need a toilet that connects to the sewer, who does the connection?
It is the hirer’s responsibility to arrange their own contractor to connect the unit to the legal point of discharge and water on site. It is also the hirer’s responsibility to have the unit disconnected from the sewer and water prior to the unit being removed off site.
Q: Does the unit have a hand washing basin?
Yes, every one of our units are equipped with a hand washing basin.
Q: I’m having a function with 200 people, how many toilets do I need?
1 toilet per 50 females and 1 toilet per 75 males is our recommendations for events up to 4 hours. Event longer than 4 hours would require additional units or servicing.
Q: How long does it normally take to connect power to a temporary power pole?
Depending on which power company is used – the turn around for power pole delivery & installation including connection and inspection is approximately 20 working days, so ensure you allow plenty of time.
Q: Can a Super Safe tarpaulin be used as a marquee?
Our tarps are solely made for use on rooftops to ensure waterproofing. They are heavy duty and cannot be used for events or as a marquee. They need to be properly mounted so the weight is evenly distributed.
Q: My shower does not have hot water - just cold, what should we do?
Turn just the hot water tap on. If still no hot water, go to the rear of the unit and kink the water hose for 3 seconds then un-kink the hose. You should hear the unit make a clicking sound for about 5 seconds. If the unit does not ignite, repeat the process 4 or 5 times.
Q: Does the shower unit have its own water?
No, the unit needs to be connected to mains water via a garden tap.
Q: I only have a water tank, can a portable shower be connected to this?
Yes, as long as the water tank is connected to a pressure pump. No pump, shower won’t work.
Q: What happens to the waste water from a portable shower?
Water is discharged into storm water, garden beds, onto the ground or into the drains, which ever you would prefer.


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